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For the love of Errors

So I’m just about to start an assignment, it’s in C so I decide I’m going to start up Visual Studio. It’s good at what it does and I’m doing what it does, it all makes sense. Related to this I recently installed Vista, I had access to it and I figure as a good computer person I might as well give it a try, what kind of geek would I be if I couldn’t at least say I’ve used it?

Anyway I didn’t think twice about using Visual Studio because it’s a Microsoft product, if anything is going to work with Vista this should right? …apparently not. But that’s not even why I’m writing this!

You see Mircosoft has made this fancy new tool that tells you when a program isn’t compatible with Vista, of course this popped up for Visual Studio. The error message looked like so:

Incompatilble without detailes

Now I’d like to solve this problem, I figure I’m computer savvy, I can handle the details. Come on Vista give me those hard, cold details, I can take it.

With the details

Yes…quite…detailed. If these “Details” help anyone they are smarter then I am…and can read the minds of the people at Microsoft. But as far as I can tell this button is completely useless and just there to give people hope that they may be able to fix their own computer.

And for anyone that is wondering, no I haven’t finished the assignment yet and yes it is due tomorrow in the morning, I’ll do it eventually! Get off my back women!…sorry flash back.

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