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My brain is dead, long live my brain!

Ok, so my brain has officially quit and moved out. I can’t bring myself to get any work done for some reason, I just keep reading news about Wii and PS3 and playing games…I don’t know why. I can’t even think of things to write about on here. No interesting opinions to speak of rattling around my head. I’ve even resorted to writing about nothing just so people will have some reason to come here. In the end I’m asking anyone who happens to read this: Do you know any way to get my brain back to work? Any one have good ways to get yourself motivated again when you just don’t care about the things your supposed to be doing? There is more after the jump…but you probably don’t want to read it!

So here is the story. I like school and I’m enjoying this blog but something about this semester has just killed my will to work. I’m hoping this is temporary…I think it started with 311, the class no the band. Something about that class killed my love for working, it’s just so mind numbingly not what I want to do…I don’t think I used that right. But I’ve dropped that class and I’m hoping that my will do learn will return slowly.

If anyone wants to know how bad the situation has gotten I swore to myself this blog wouldn’t turn into one of those “my life is soooo awful” blogs, and as you can see it’s slowly going in that direction. I swear I will never make another one of these posts again, in fact, the next post I make will be about writing a plug-in of some sort for either word press or mediawiki, not sure which one, but I have an idea of what the plug-in will be. And I think you’ll all like it…or at least find it useful, so stay tuned! …or what ever you’re suppose to stay when it comes to blogs and websites.

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