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I may have an extra head

Earlier today…or was it yesterday, it doesn’t matter, time is all subjective anyway — my brother and I were in the car talking, and the fact that I’m thinking of buying one of those fancy new MacBook pro, core 2 duo’s came up. And he gave me the oddest look, if I wasn’t driving I would have checked if I had grown an extra appendage. I should probably explain why he gave me this look…

It’s not that he’s personally against macs, he actually wants one for himself, he’s big on all that video and sound editing stuff and going on a bit of a photography kick. It’s that I’ve always been very much against macs, but this was back in the day, you know, before they started to do things right. They had a clunky OS that you couldn’t do anything with, and as a programmer I didn’t really appreciate the lack of support for developers. But all that has changed in the past couple years, they have started to focus less on crippling their hardware and more on making a good OS. Oddly enough a very good OS, every time I see a friend of mine use his I think “well the Windows install on this laptop definitely can’t do that and I don’t want to know what it’s going to take to get my install of SUSE at home to look or act like that.”

Now there are some features that I don’t like – Why on earth don’t folders merge if you drag a folder into a location where there is all ready a folder with the same name? – but really those are just minor thing that I’ll either have to find a way to program around or get used to. I’m not sure why that just came out like I’m actually going to buy one, I don’t have money…though if you do want me to have a Mac you can tell all your friends to come to the site and see if they find any “links” they like.

So, what’s the point of this post, none really, I just don’t want to have to explain to some people I know why I changed my mind, now I can just point them here and save myself time…of course I’m not saving them time, they have to read over all of this none sense and realize that there really is no point and they just wasted 3 minutes of their lives…kind of like you just did.

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