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So, I sold out

Yep, as anyone who reads this site can see – that reminds me, does anyone actually read this site? …probably not, lets just restart the post to be more accurate – Yep, as anyone who stumbled upon this site by accident and managed to magically get stuck here can see, I’ve sold out and gotten AdSense. Why? Obviously because I’m a sell out, and because I started this blog as an experiment to see if I could make money, not much but some, by doing relatively nothing. So to be exact I sold out a long time ago and this is just phase two, in phase three I start a porn site, but that’s neither here nor there. I’m having a good time randomly writing so this isn’t all some heartless business venture but it’s close.

So how am I liking AdSense so far? It’s pretty enjoyable. They processed the application in a day even though my last post was about how Google needs to fix Google Reader before I find something else ( to whoever reviewed the site, if there even is anyone, thanks for looking past that. I promise not to make fun of you guys too much anymore.) Putting the adds up was pretty easy, it would have been easier if I was any sort of good computer scientist and managed to get the PHP right the first time…or edit the right page…or remembered how to use CSS. You’d think for some one who runs so many pages in PHP and CSS I’d be able to get this one little edit right.

So I’m not completely happy with the way everything is. The search bar looks odd with the white background and it’s kind of in an odd position but I haven’t thought of anywhere else for it. I’m open to suggestions. I kind of feel like I broke a pretty good site, the skin I choose was pretty clean, putting all of these ads on it seems to crowed it. But other then those two things I’m please…now lets see if the money starts to roll in.

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