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Jack Thompson: less in touch with reality then ever!

So apparently Jack isn’t happy with just making up crazy numbers about how video games are making kids more violent, he also needs to claim that they contain gay sex …even though the particular one he’s picking on has no such thing. Of course I’m talking about Bully. According to Jack the ESRB and Take-two have been lying to everyone…not really, considering the ESRB has put the standard “Sexual content” warning on the game. So is this gay sex, not really, it’s two boys kissing, you can see the same thing in the Sims, and Jack hasn’t yet gone on a rant about that. The Sims also has a T for teen rating, why should this game be any different.
The real question is: is this content any worse then the content in most other games that just have boys kissing girls? I’m going to have to say no, who cares if the pile of pixels with hypothetical genitalia happens to be very close to another pile of pixels with the same pile of genitalia? These are just piles of pixels, hardly something someone is going to base major life decisions on, it’s even optional content.
So what is Jack getting his panties all bunched up over? Nothing, he just needs some way to keep his name in the press…I think he’s a press vampire, if he’s not in the press he’ll die…which I’m sure we all agree would be an awful thing. We need someone around who doesn’t even bother understanding what he’s talking about, who else is going to remind us that life isn’t serious and every now and then you have to stop and laugh at the court jester. Yes Jack, you sir are the court jester, the fool as you would be called in any great Shakespearian play.

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