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Is the Wiimote to expensive?

There has been a lot of complaining about the price of the wiimote and nunchuck, I haven’t found any posts about it yet, but I keep managing to find comments in any article that mentions the price of the wiimote( example: comment 6, see how long that took). Some people seem to need to find something wrong with anything any company does, and since Wii is almost flawless — as far as I know so far, for all I know the thing might not work at all, but I’m willing to take my chances– they have to pick on something silly.Lets take a look at why saying the wiimote is too expensive is just a dumb thing to say shall we? The first argument is that the wiimote is useless without the nunchuck attachment and that you’ll have to buy a nunchuck for every extra wiimote you buy so you’ll be stuck shelling out the $60 for both. This is a point brought up by people who don’t pay much attention to the games on Wii, most of the multi player games at launch only need the wiimote. Only one of the Wii sports games requires the nunchuck(Boxing). And while I’m sure there are more and will be more multi player games that will need both none of the major multi player games at launch do. Yes, Super Mario Strikers and Metriod Prime 3 need both, but those games won’t be released for a little while so you have time to save.

Secondly the shear idea that $60 is just an insane price to pay for a controller. People seem to have no trouble at all paying $50 for an Xbox 360 controller. So why is the extra $10 so much to ask for a much better controller? All Microsoft did was remove the wire (gross simplification I know but meh) and they felt that was worth $10 over the regular 360 controller.

People keep comparing the price of Wii with the controllers and a game to the price of a 360. It’s around $480 bucks to buy the system, 3 wiimote/nunchuks and a game. Oh no, that’s more expensive then the 360, I should just go buy that then, well only if you went to the same school as this guy for math. You have to remember that you still have to buy games and controllers for your 360, and then pay your live fees, and then not play Zelda or Mario, and really that’s enough for me.

Edit: found someone who whines about the wiimote price. It’s not the point of the article, but it’s enough for me!

Edit2: *sigh* You can tell I’m new at this, I managed to delete my post, I just went through and fixed it up so it looks like it did.

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