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You can Call me Stephen

As in Colbert because I CALLED IT!

Ok, not so much that I called it but I told Google that their reader needed to play embeded videos and they listened to me. It wasn’t that long ago that I made my suggestions on how to make Google reader better and they have already implemented two of them…I think, those are the only two things on the list I remember anyway, I try not to live in the past.

The moral of the story is that if you want something fixed in your favorite piece of software you should tell me and I’ll complain about it in the space your looking at right now. You’ll wait about two months for web applications and four months for everything else but the change you requested will appear in your the software.

For the People who are going to say that this change was going to happen if I had asked for it or not and I’m deluding myself with false grandeur: put a lid on that jealously would ya, it’s not becoming of you. I know we can’t all have this amazing power and I’ll try to use it wisely but that doesn’t mean you need to be so petty.

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  1. Marcin Says:

    My website totally blows yours out of the water.

    PS. i miss you….erotically.