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Ruby, more than just shiney

A friend of mine, Patrick, gave a very good lecture (seminar? I don’t really know the difference.) on the Ruby programming language. I looked a little into Ruby before I went to this but I didn’t really know much and I think Pat did a really good job at explaining the language and what it does. I’ll probably look into some more when I get a chance. As a supplement to the talk he put the slides he used up so everyone could/can follow along.

Now I said can there for a reason, I have had this odd habit of having very bare posts so I’ve decided to spice this one up with an actual flash embed…but I don’t want to have it on the main page. To be honest I don’t like that, if I want to see the video I can click an extra link, if I want to read the post I don’t want to have to load all that extra stuff that comes with an embed…wow I’m good at getting off topic… Sorry.

In any case I recommend you all watch the video, even if you know Ruby I think you might pick something up from this…”you all” I’m funny, I think a total of 4 people read this blog. But I thank all of you, please keep reading…or just looking at the ads if that’s what you’re here for. 😉

Oh and if any of you happen to have some good resources on Ruby I’d like to read them, leave a comment and you will have my thanks.

And the video for all you nice folks:

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  1. Corvillus Says:

    The 2 books you’d probably want to look at for learning Ruby are (by their nicknames/top Google search keywords): Chunky Bacon and the Pickaxe (or the older, but still mostly relevant free 1st edition). After that, if you’re interested in learning Rails, Agile Web Development with Rails is the book to get.